Thursday, January 31, 2008

ummm, yeah...

We've got a little bit of snow....the city is pretty much shut down. This is the third time this week they have closed the college. Apparently, this has only happened twice in the last 20 years or so...

I took a ton of pics this morning, I'll upload when I get home. Right now, I'm the only one on campus gathering work to take back home before the next storm hits. Good thing my event is THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW....sweet lord, this is NOT the time for mother nature to mess with my fundraiser. Crap. I have so much stuff to do...what to do what to do.

Oh and my arms feel like noodles, I've never shoveled so much in my life. At least I'm getting in some good cardio!


Blogger Headmeister said...

You know, I could go for a huge snow storm right now to shut down work! Send some this way please... :)

5:42 PM  

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