Wednesday, November 14, 2007

11 months and re-fingerprinting

Yesterday was my eleven month anniversary of waiting. I didn't remember until this morning when I saw this email from my mom...

Eleven months since log in! It WILL happen, I just know it will!

I traveled over to Spokane yesterday for my re-fingerprinting appointment. It was pretty uneventful except;

1) I had a fork in my purse and security confiscated it.
2) As I was leaving a China adoptive family was entering the office to submit their daughter's citizenship paperwork...I said hello and took the brave step (knowing that they probably didn't really want to be bothered) and mentioned that I was a waiting parent and had just completed my fingerprinting. She wasn't very nice and it was pretty clear that I shouldn't have taken the brave step and said anything!

Oh well. :-)

11 down

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Never let your mother do your wedding invites when she doesn't like your partner!

My friend JC sent this to me today. For some reason it made me almost pee my pants. My co-worker said, "yeah, it's kinda funny". Maybe I'm just going goofy...I really got a roll out of it and am now posting for you!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

USCIS **updated**

My fingerprints expire on November 30th. I am trucking on over to Spokane to have them re-done on Monday. I'm going to make a day of it. I took the day off work and am going to bring along someone special. After fingerprinting, we are going out to lunch (my choice), and then back home. Well, I guess that'll only be a half

Last year, in a flurry of crazy paperchasing activity, I hauled ass over to Yakima, WA (4 hours away) to submit my immigration paperwork and have my fingerprints done. Oh man, I was soooo excited.

This year, my mood is whatever, I'll probably have to have it done again anyway.......grumble grumble.

So, off I go.


So, off I go on TUESDAY instead of Monday. I forgot government offices will be closed in observance of Veteran's Day..whew..good thing I figured it out BEFORE I drove over and showed up to an empty office. That would have really ticked me off...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Note to self:

Program TiVO asap.

Check this out.

Chugga chugga chugga...

The CCAA has updated their website....slowly but surely...

However, they are still moving at a snail pace...

As a reminder friends and family, my documents were registered December 13th, 2006. They are currently matching families with children who's paperwork was registered in 2005.

Come on already, let's get to 2006!