Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Process

Here ya go! This is my best attempt at explaining the China adoption process. I cannot believe the amount of paper work involved...let’s just say I will be planning a serious celebration the moment my paperwork has been sent to China.

It currently takes about 15 months, start to finish, for the adoption process. The major milestones are:

1. Paperwork

I will provide documentation for every aspect of my life:

  • financial statements
  • employment verification letter
  • birth certificates
  • paperwork from the INS
  • physical exam results
  • recommendation from a social worker (home study)
  • reference letters
  • statement of heterosexuality
  • photographs
  • fingerprints
  • FBI background checks
  • letter from local police department

Every document will need to be notarized, then certified by the state, and finally authenticated by the Chinese Consulate. Now I understand why it’s called the “paperchase”!

2. Assemble the Dossier

All the above documents will be checked over, reviewed, and finally translated into Chinese.

3. Send the Dossier to China

Once my dossier is complete it will be sent to the Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs in China. From what I understand it takes approximately 4-5 months to assemble the dossier. Once the dossier is officially received by the Chinese government I will be given a log-in-date (LID).

4. Parenting Education

My agency requires that all adoptive parents must complete 10 hours of parent training. In addition, I have been and will be reading anything I can get my hands on that has to do with parenting, single parenting, parenting toddlers, adoption, attachment, and China adoption.

5. Referral

Approximately 12 months after the dossier arrives in China, my dossier will be reviewed by the Chinese government. The government adoption officials will then match my file with that of an orphaned girl needing a home. They will send a picture and medical analysis on the baby to my agency who will then forward the information on to me. Oh happy day! I can hardly wait as this is the day I will become a MOM!

6. Go To China

Approximately 7 weeks after my referral I will travel to China to adopt my baby girl. Most often, parents receive their children within 2-3 days after arriving in China. This is called "Gotcha" day in the adoption world and is celebrated by many families just like birthdays. I will spend approximately 14 days in China, filling out official forms, getting my daughter’s traveling papers in order, and then finally…bring her home. She will become a U.S. citizen as soon as her little feet touch the ground.


Anonymous Pops said...

Can't wait--at what point in time can I commence with the "Spoil" process that I am so good at?
Love Dad

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