Friday, March 21, 2008

Trip to Arizona cont.

So, we made it to Arizona. Jackson was sooooo excited to see his Grandma and Grandpa (we were too) and we all enjoyed the warm weather. My Mom and Mike live in a 55+ park home community. Needless to say there wasn't much of a shortage by way of grandparents and boy did the nephews get a lot of loving attention! The first morning, we lounged around in our pj's drank coffee, ate breakfast, and when we peeked out the window, we saw this....

Little Thomas was outside in his p.j.'s and stopped the morning walking traffic. It was so cute! One minute he was alone with grandpa outside, the next minute there were 15 or so "walkers" ooogling over the tot.
We spent most of our time lounging around the compound reading, relaxing, sitting in the sun, chasing after kids, cruising the golf cart, eating, and reading...I read 2 books while I was there! I haven't read a "fun" book in sooooo long. It was great!
Here are a couple more pics...captions below.

Grandpa teaches Jackson magic tricks, here they are "doing some magic!"

Here's what I think is so cute about this photo, Grandpa had a toothpick, Jackson then needed a toothpick, do you see that he has it stuck between his two front teeth. It was sooooo funny! Oh man, he loves his grandpa sooooo much.

Riding bikes with Grandpa. This nearly gave safety Sara a stroke...don't worry, they didn't go far.

The digs for the weekend, M&M's park sister and I love it and can't wait to retire!

"Look Sara, I can swim across the pool ALL BY MYSELF with a nooooooodle!"

All worn out and ready for a snack.
At some point during the day, I plopped myself in a lounge chair in the back yard to "sun myself". I had a book, a diet coke, and 76 degree weather. I believe Jackson was at the pool with Mike and my mom and sister were chasing Thomas around inside the house. Lexi saw me in the backyard, stuck her head out the back door and whispered "bitch" as in you are lucky you aren't chasing after a kiddo right now and can relax and enjoy the sun....
I looked up and said "It's not my time yet,'s all part of God's plan." and you better believe I went right back to my book and diet coke.
To be continued...


Blogger Special K said...

I love that last line. Absolutely sounds like an exchange my sister and I could've had. Hilarious!

Looks like a fun time.

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