Monday, August 06, 2007

Company, camping, and house hunting

Dustin and Ryan are here visiting from Boston for the week. They arrived on Friday and hauled ass from the airport to the HIL (house-i-love) where I was meeting the real estate agent to look at it “one more time” before I made an offer. I am thankful that my mom, Mike, my sis, Dustin and Ryan all made it out to look at it with me and make sure I wasn’t doing anything crazy (my request). They all gave me a thumbs up and I made an offer on Saturday. We’ll see…I should hear back anytime to see if they have accepted, countered, or denied my offer.

Camping was great! Someone special’s family is laid back and cool! I spent the most time visiting with his Grandma…apparently she is a talker and most often she preys on the “newbie” in the family. Ummm, yeah, that would be ME. Oh well, we shared my bottle o’ wine and she talked my ear off. I find her a very fascinating woman, she is Austrian and told me many stories of what it was like living in Austria as a 20 something teenager during World War 2 (I opened that can of worms when I asked her how she met her husband and ended up in Idaho). I will say there were a few times I didn’t really feel comfortable. For instance, there are only two kids in the family, someone special and his sister. His sister and his mom are tight, with a capital T, and didn’t really seem to make an effort to include me in their conversations at all. Don’t get me wrong, they are nice, but there were times when it was very clear that I was the outsider. I also wonder if it has something to do with someone special being the only boy…oh, I don’t know…I’m imagining the “no one will ever be good enough for my son” mentality. Only thing is, I’m the best thing that has ever happened to her precious son. ;-) Whoops, started to go off there a bit didn’t I? Whatever…moving on. It really was nice and different. Different in that I’m always the one cooking, planning dinner, prepping, cooking, cleaning-up, etc. and I didn’t have to do anything except talk to his grandma and drink wine. Oh, and the other downside…no campfires allowed due to the dry conditions. We all went to bed early and froze in the morning.

I feel like I am rambling…

Keep your fingers crossed they accept my house offer!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike is thrilled he made your blog!
I hope no one in someone special's family reads your blog...

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