Friday, August 03, 2007


I love the weekends. Especially when I have zero homework, work, etc. to worry about.

In other news....
  • My bro and Ryan are coming to visit today, for a week! Should be fun.

  • I found my HIL (House I love, thank you for the acronym Kristen, I love using it and my real estate agent uses it now too...hehe). I am taking my mom, sis, and bro out to see it today and will then make an offer. So scary, so nerve racking, makes me want to puke, but totally exciting as well. I think the only thing I am really worried about is the fact that I want a fair price and it's a bank foreclosure which means there isn't much wiggle room for negotiation...but how do I know what to offer? If I go too low, the bank will reject me. If I go to high...I won't feel like I got a fair price. This is the part I hate and this is the part that makes me feel like I am buying a car (I know I'm not buying a's a much bigger thing, but it feels like I am in a way). Ok, moving on. It's a good thing I know, but stressful nonetheless.

  • I've been asked to teach another class at the college this fall. Am I going to do it? Sure I am! I dropped one of my grad classes and will be teaching Intro to Business on Wednesday evenings. That's it. I will not be adding anything else to my plate. Take one class, teach one class, and work. That's it.

  • I'm heading to the woods tonight for a quick overnight camping trip with my someone special and his family. pause. His family - as in...meeting most of them for the first time! I have a bottle of wine ready to go in case I need a couple glasses (or the bottle) to take the nervous edge off. ;-)

And now for some adopty edumacation for friends and family. The Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs has updated their website! Wait, you don't know what that means...let me explain.

Each month, the Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) matches babies with waiting families in the order of their Log-In-Date (LID), the date which adoptive parents paperwork is registered into the CCAA's computer system. My LID is 12/13/06.

The CCAA updates their website each month to let adoption agencies and waiting families know which LID's were matched with babies. Does that make sense? The date we need to pay attention to each month is the date circled in the image below (snapped straight from the CCAA's website this morning). As you can see, the CCAA has finished placement of children whose paperwork was registered (LID) before November 21, 2005. That's right 2005! They haven't begun working on the 2006 families yet. We have a ways to go before it's my turn. Eventually, it will be my turn and YEEEEOOOWWWWW I'll be a mom! I. can't. wait.

From now on, I'll be posting this information each month to keep ya'll in the loop.

In the meantime, check this out to see some August cuties. So precious. Congrats to all the new families!

How'd I do AP's, did I explain it alright?


Blogger kris said...

Enjoy your camping weekend (got all nervous FOR you thinking about it, so I hope the bottle comes in handy should you need it)... and congrats on the house hunting, had no idea! That is awesome!

7:06 AM  
Blogger amy said...

You are one busy person! GOod luck with the house and thanks for explaining the CCAA to folks. I need to send family and friends over here!

GOod luck again!


12:17 PM  

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