Monday, June 04, 2007

7 random things about myself...

Kelli tagged me awhile back and I haven’t posted yet (what's new...I'm the worst blogger these days), but anyway here goes…

  • I can’t compute math in my head. AT ALL. Not even the simple stuff. Give me a calculator and a pencil and it’s a whole different story. Otherwise, I’m secretly calculating using my fingers under the table. Did I really just admit that? My 3rd grade teacher taught me some weird trick of doing multiplication and addition on my fingers and I just never learned how to do it in my head I guess. Messed up.

  • I will not share milk products with others. Something about it just grosses me out. My family gives me a hard time, except they think that I won’t share any food or drink. For the life of me I can’t figure out why after 32 years…they don’t get that it’s ONLY MILK PRODUCTS. Yea, I’m talkin’ to you family readers!

  • I learned how to sign the pledge of allegiance in the 4th grade and I can still do it perfectly.

  • I can also say the alphabet backwards - - fast and accurate! Wanna hear it?

  • I love watching gymnastics, cheerleading and drill team competitions, and synchronized swimming. Stop laughing.

  • I have very long fingers. For the piano players out there, I can reach an octave plus one key with no problem at all.

  • I have visited the following states, plus Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, and Ireland.

    create your own visited states map

    My mom says I've also been to Nebraska, Kansas, and Virginia...but I don't remember, I was a little whipper snapper then.

Am I supposed to tag someone? If so, I tag my brother... :-)


Blogger cougchick said...

Hey Sara,

wanna get a milkshake? I'll share it with ya...


4:48 PM  
Blogger Sara said...


5:03 PM  
Anonymous yer mom said...

You've also been in Oklahoma when you were a whipper-snapper-

7:04 PM  
Blogger Headmeister said...

That's a whole lotta red! lol...

You know, I don't think it's irrational about the milk product sharing thing. The only person I'm comfortable doing that with is Hubby, and even then I'm iffy about it at times. I don't ever mind passing the rest of my shake off to him, but if he offered me the rest of his chocolate milk, I'd have to pass... why IS that??? lol...

7:41 AM  

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