Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Monday

Nothing much to report this early monday morning. Here's a bit of 'happenings' bullet style...

  • My nephew Thomas had his 1st birthday on Saturday afternoon. It was pretty low key as the little guy has a cold and really wasn't much into playing and eating his b-day cake. I on the other hand hit the taco bar, ate too much sour cream yummy something dip, and then had a belly ache all night. Oh and bad auntie Sara forgot her camera...

  • The snow is melting. It's a damn mess, but at least it's melting. I'm ready for spring.

  • Work is horrible right now. I've got issues with both the full-time job and now the part-time teaching gig.

  • I'm having a REALLY hard time regularly exercising and sticking to my diet. I'm good for a week, fall of the wagon and eat like crazy for a week, back on plan for a week, and so on...I finally realized that I am a stress eater. When I'm stressed I eat. When I'm depressed I eat. I can tell I'm in a slump right now, a funk if you will....

  • I'm really not looking forward to updating my homestudy.

  • I've decided to paint the nursery when I get word my docs are out of review.

  • I have a 4 day weekend coming up! Since I busted my ass for the "event" last weekend, I'm taking Friday off AND Monday is a holiday.

Have a good week everyone!


Blogger Unknown said...

I love bullet style! Great post and you sound quite busy

9:55 AM  

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