Thursday, September 27, 2007

More adoption news...

Ok, so apparently there is one department at the CCAA processing in a shall we say quick like fashion. The review room! The CCAA website was updated today, families with LID's through August 2006 have been reviewed.

What does this mean?

Well, when my dossier (documents) arrived in China last December where they were given the once over to ensure I qualify, entered into the computer system, and then placed on a shelf. After awhile they will be moved to the "review room" where the Chinese adoption officials review all the documents very carefully to ensure that I do in fact meet all the requirements, rules, etc. to be eligible for adoption. gulp!

If something comes up during review, questions are asked and then I'm not sure what happens....nor do I want to know as I am counting on the fact that my agency reviewed my dossier very carefully (in addition to my freaky compulsive checking) to ensure all of my documents were in order and correct. It's kind of like the last check to make sure everything is in order.

I will say it's a bit nerve racking, knowing that my documents are very close to being scrutinized one last time by the adoption officials....I trust my agency and I have complete faith that everything was dotted, crossed, and checked over many times, and that everything is in order. If not, I guess I find out soon enough!

Ok, so the CCAA just finished reviewing the August 06 dossiers, my paperwork was registered in December either my documents are almost there or they might be in the review room now. Who knows!! Kind of an exciting thought.

So, what happens after the review room? Well, my documents are placed on another shelf where they will remain until they are pulled again and moved to the matching room. Clearly they will be shelving it for awhile since the big ol' slow down of 06 backlog of paperwork seems to be happening somewhere between the review and matching room.

We'll see, only time will tell.


Blogger Liene said...

So do you think our dossiers will have completed review by the end of the year?

From what I know they have multiple months in the review room at once and if for some miraculous reason the complete one month before any in front of it, they can't list those as completely reviewed until those in prior months have been listed as out of the review room. So I have been told.

I am hoping our documents are in the review room now but that's wishful thinking since there are so many dossiers in front of us.

9:39 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

SO happy here some kind of news..Offf to wait for referrals

9:40 PM  
Blogger ~Kristen said...

It's the one big milestone we have to look forward to... and it is moving fast.. YAY!!! I figure you should be out by the end of this year... just my guess!

One milestone to reach for now, anyway!

7:06 PM  
Blogger A Mom- In-W8ing said...

It gives me butterflies in my belly to think that we may be in the review room!! Oh boy, if we aren’t yet we soon will be! I can't wait until we are in and out and the "review worries" are over.

Waiting with you!
Smiles! :o)

4:43 AM  

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