Friday, August 24, 2007

Still here....

The house is coming along. My Dad is here for a visit and has been a tremendous help. He met the appliance delivery guys and the carpet guy while I was at work. It has really helped as it's fair time this week and I am in and out all day long (and evening) coordinating the college's fair booth. The first day he was here, he found himself at Sear's 3 times standing in the appliance section waiting and nodding while I took my sweet time picking everything out. Keep in mind the man had just traveled from Sydney Australia and was running on a total of 3 hrs sleep. Guess that's one way to beat jet leg...hehe.

No really, the appliances are in. The cable and internet installation has been scheduled and the utilities are all in my name. We are going to try and move my washer and dryer in between my fair shifts today and I plan to try and move everything into the kitchen and bathroom this weekend in between fair shifts.

The carpet and laminate are scheduled for install next wed, thurs, friday and pending a successful carpet/laminate install I am planning to move everything else next weekend!

School started for me this past week as well and I begin teaching my class this coming Wednesday evening.

I'll post pics later, but yahoooooo I'm so excited about the new house!


Blogger C.J. said...

I have to say I love my dad...he sits for me often when I have deliveries coming. Aren't they the greatest?

Enjoy the new home excitment.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Kristen said...

So happy for you... now get moving on getting settled. Heather & I would like to invade at some point in the future!!!!

And since you have so much free time on your hands.. Ha...
I tagged you..


6:26 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

It is so great to have a handy dad...especially with a new house! Can't wait to see the pictures!

6:16 AM  

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