Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I had a baby dream last night, the first one in a long time.

I had undergone a hospital procedure to become pregnant. I told my family I was pregnant and they were so mad and appalled because my being pregnant had halted my adoption proceedings. I was sooo sorry and distraught, and I remember my thinking was that since the wait was so long I could give birth to a baby in the meantime and still adopt my little one from China. Come to find out the procedure didn't everyone could breath a sigh of relief, I was still able to adopt my baby. Then I was at some sort of family reunion/Tom Cruise's wedding (not even kidding) and my social worker pops over for a visit. It was chaos. There were babies there from Vietnam and China who had just been adopted, but their adoptive mothers were not taking care of them, neglecting them. I don't really remember much after that.

Thinking about it this morning, there are commonalities in my dream and what I would imagine my baby experiencing in her first days...fear, anger, sadness, tears, chaos, and stress.

I'm noting this date. If my daughter has been born, I am praying that she is safe, has been found, and is being cared for....


Blogger Kate M said...

Dreams during the adoption process can be really strange. I sometimes dream about things I don't want i.e. IVF etc, I think maybe my brain/psyche is reaffirming my choice to adopt in a funny way!
Tom Cruise wedding - now that is one dream I don't think I will have, since the Brooke Shields thing I have serious reservations!!!

10:44 AM  
Blogger Dustin Dudley said...

Lay off the ambien, sis.

2:01 PM  

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