Friday, September 22, 2006


A big shout out to my bro Dustin, who is the first member of “Team Munchkin” to begin the series of inoculations needed for traveling to China. Way to go! Be looking for a treats in the mail, because I KNOW no one likes getting shots. :-)

In other news,
My Conversational Chinese for Beginners class was cancelled due to low enrollment. Darn, I was so looking forward to it. If they offer it again in the spring, my Mom and I will sign up again. If it’s cancelled, I’m calling the instructor and asking for private lessons. I can not go to China without knowing how to say "It’s ok, don’t cry" and "I love you". When I really start to think about my ‘Gotcha Day’ I start to get sooo nervous. What will I do if she just starts freaking out, crying, etc. (I know, it will be ok, but it's still overwhelming to think about). I can’t even imagine how scared she will be…breaks my heart every time I think of it.


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