Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Backing up

I'm out of my monthly adoption funk (see previous post). I want to thank you for all of your kind and supportive comments. A special thanks to Gayle and Marilyn from work...our impromptu visits mean so much. You really do lift my spirits.

I wonder, will I feel like this every month during referral time? I hope not. I am staying off the yahoo boards. So many people, so many rumors, so many different perspectives, and so much speculation. It's just too overwhelming to think about all the time. We'll see if it works....

Alrighty, backing up. Thursday (as in almost a week ago) was my crappy day (as mentioned above). When I arrived home from work, there was a box on my front porch.

Talk about timing. Guess what was in it? Presents for my GIRL from my prezzie pal!

That's right! Heather, my not so secret pal, and I decided to drop out of our DTC yahoo group secret pal exchange. I could tell the yahoo group just wasn't a good fit for me and Heather thought the same we got to chatting (via email) and decided to create our own present exchange, now known as the Blogger Babe Gift Swap....and, as I call her, my prezzie pal. :-) We followed the same idea as the yahoo group secret pal exchange in that we have themes, a set dollar limit, mail dates, etc. What a great way to help pass the time during this extended wait!
Our first theme was bed time. Inside the box were so many fun presents! I found a green blanket, which matches my nursery room colors perfectly, and a teddy bear HAND MADE by Heather. How cool is that? In addition, cute little pj's, a onesie, a book, and two cards - one for me and one for my girl. Thank you thank you thank you Heather. Those who follow Heather's blog know she has been having a terrible time dealing with pinched nerves, carpel tunnel, numb arms & hands, and much much pain! To know that you made these gifts, while dealing with all of that... I am truly touched. Plus, the box arrived on the one day when I needed it the most. How wonderful. THANK YOU!


Have I mentioned that the previous weekend I spent most, if not all, of my time weeding my front flower bed? Fun. Yeah, not so much. It gets better though. This past Saturday, my someone special, his friend, and I well not so much me, I was more of an assistant finished the flower bed. I'll let the pictures tell the story (captions under the photo).


Man! I should have taken a picture BEFORE I did all the weeding. This is taken after all the weeding. Seriously, it was BAD. It looked like grassy prairie. I had to buy a special weeding tool to clean that sucker out. I worked my rear off to "get it ready" for planting and bark.

The other view...BEFORE


New edging, plants and bark. The wine barrel still needs to be leveled and I would like to plant some herbs in it, but the area doesn't get too much we'll see. Someone special is also making a path from the grass to the wine barrel using some of the flat rocks left over from the old edging.


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yard update looks great. sore back perhaps? that leaning over is a killer!

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